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The Photographers

During the movie, I learned so much about National Geographic and their photographers. An interesting fact that I learned while watching the movie is how devoted the photographers are. For example, one photographer has had malaria twelve times because of all the remote places he visited. Another detail about the life of photographers is how much they travel just to get a couple good shots.The process of taking the pictures to printing them out takes at least a year, which is a long time if you think about how fast it took to take that one specific photograph. Lastly, the dedication and patience of photographers are amazing, most times it takes at least 2-3 weeks to get one good shot or longer depending on what they want. To become a professional photographer takes a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work, however, if you love taking photos and traveling becoming a professional photographer is perfect.
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History of Photography

During this project, I learned a lot about photography and about the founders of photography. An interesting fact I learned about Alfred Stieglitz was, he eventually married Georgia O' Keeffe the famous artist. Another fact that I learned while doing the project was Jerry Uelsmann, he founded photo-shop. Jerry Uelsmann cut out pieces of other pictures and pasted them onto other photos to make it look like the photoshopped pictures we have now. Another interesting fact, is the first camera phone could only hold enough for 10 pictures and you couldn't see them until you plugged them into the computer. All of these facts range from different time periods, however, they all stuck to me because of how different photography was back then back then or just random facts I found interesting.

Intro to Levitation Photography

Levantation: Action of hovering in the air or rising. Paranormal: Events that can not be explained by science(levitation) 

Paragraph 1: Explain a few important (at least 3-4) things you need to remember to create successful levitation photographs.
One important tip I found interesting is when you take the picture of the person take the picture during a cloudy day so the sunlight doesn't affect the person in any way. Another good tip is to shoot the picture at a low angle so it gives the illusion of flying or levitating. If you take a picture at a low angle you have to be aware of any body part that is not in the photo. Another good idea to remember is to take multiple pictures, break the photo into different parts for example hair, clothes, expression, and more. Lastly, you need to take the picture of the background without anything in it so you can paste the person on in photoshop.

Mariposa (No Title)

Dustin Thompson (No Title)

Erich Leeth (No Title)
My idea for my project is to resem…

Reflections Kathryn

Starfish One starfish  Two starfishes Right side up or right side down Same starfish this way or that  Pink, orange, and white Starfishes everywhere Below the sea and above


Ode to Winter My white winter, you inspire me with your shine. How I love the way you look, sparkling and bright. You make me want to take pictures of you all day and through the night. Always freezing, but just as bright.
How do I love you? Let me count the ways. I love your bright, icy exterior. I enjoy the days when you are too cool for school, giving me extra time to sleep.   However don't get me wrong I love you all. Summer, Spring, and Fall. But winter has beaten you all.

Photos with Quotes

My photograph portrays two dogs playing together, I used the quote " There is only one happiness in this life to love and be loved" by George Sand. I used this quote because I thought it was a good fit for this photograph because both dogs love each other and enjoy each other's company. I used the light-brown dog's fur as the color for my words so they would stand out against the green background. Both "happiness" and "loved" are a darker brown so it would look different from the rest of the quote. I made "loved" and "happiness" curve up and down so it would look unique, in the word "loved" I made it have a shadow underneath, so it was a little different than "happiness".

This photograph is of a dock with a boat that is on a lake, I used this quote to go with the picture "Simplicity is natures first step, and the last step of art." by Philip James Bailey. The reason I chose this quote because it&#…

Shapes, Organic and Geometric

Popcorn Imagine fingertips covered in warm, oily butter Smearing all over your tv remote While you watch your favorite show Preferably "Stranger Things"  Inhaling handfuls of popcorn at a time You now realize that you are down to your last piece of  Popcorn You suddenly feel a rush of panic  Knowing that you will have to watch your show without popcorn  Suddenly you realize that you could just make more Popcorn