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Assignment that I am the most proud of

Although I'm proud of every project I did this semester, I'm proud of my "Who Am I" project the most. Throughout this project I ran into a lot of problems. In the beginning, I had a lot of trouble figuring out of to make my video really standout and unique. One problem I ran into was I didn't have a lot of pictures of myself or my friends, so I had to really look deep. Another problem was It took a while to find a good song, I tried at least five different songs before I found the one that fit my movie.  I felt like the video really reflected me and my goals, dreams, and what I enjoy most in life. I really felt like this project prepared me for all the future projects using iMovie. Although, in the beginning, I had trouble planning and figuring out what, I felt like the final project really reflected me.

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Most memorable experiences

I have learned so much from this class as a whole. However, I believe that I learned so many cool tips and tricks during our photoshop unit. Photoshop is becoming more important in our technology-filled world, more and more people are learning how to use Photoshop, now I feel like I can say that I'm a part of that world. In the future, I could possibly use my knowledge of photoshop to get me a career. Not only was this unit a huge learning experience it was also very fun. I found photoshop very relaxing. When we had homework in photoshop I got very excited because I loved just creating something out of nothing. My favorite photoshop project would probably be forced perspectives.  Forced perspective was my favorite project because I really enjoy how you can create something so realistic, even though it could never happen.

Another memorable experience from this semester would probably be from the dark room. Before this class, I never understood the concept of pinhole cameras before…

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

One of my goals for the semester was to create photos that are more professional. I think that this class helped me understand how to create photographs that are unique and different. However, I probably have a long way to go before I'm an expert. This class had me taking more and more photos than I ever would have done by myself. Another one of my goals was to take a variety of different photos. I definitely feel like this year with all of our bi-weeklys I got to take photos of a range of subjects, spanning from food to Springtime. My last goal was to learn how to use photoshop. I really enjoyed playing around with photoshop. Because of this class, I not only learned how to take amazing photos, but I'm also able to use photoshop in the future. Photoshop is starting to become more and more popular, and I'm glad that I at least know the basics. Photo 1 was all I had hoped for and more.

Pinhole Photography

Purpose:To understand and demonstrate pinhole photography and how it works;
To become familiar with darkroom processes and procedures.

When It comes down to Pinhole photography you need to have everything perfect if not the picture doesn't come out right. I have realized that the exposure time needs to be perfect if not the picture could be too white which means not enough light and if the paper is black it means too much light. When this happens you need to change the exposure time so that the person comes out correctly. Another aspect that is important to the making good pinhole photography is the position of the camera. I have noticed when taking pinhole photo's that if the hole is even a little bit sideways it could have a huge impact on the photo as a whole. When the hole isn't directly facing the person the person doesn't show up in the photo. Lastly, when I learned that when transferring a negative to a positive you need to make sure that they are directly on top…

Forced Perspective and Polaroid Photography

To continue to develop creative problem-solving skills by creating forced perspective photographs and polaroid collages in a unique original way; To practice altering perspective and looking at subjects in a unique way;To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills;
Forced Perspective:

Polaroid Photography: .
I believe that both my projects were successful, however, the forced perspective was more creative and unique compared to the polaroids. Both forced photos looked somewhat realistic. It took me a while to find a good background for the forced perspective, but the ones I picked out really works with the subjects. Another reason I think I did better on the force is that I enjoyed the forced perspective better than the polaroids collage. Finally, I thought the force was easier to learn than the polaroids I still have trouble with having the subject clean around the edges. I think I need to start closer to the object and move outwards instead of inwards. Or wh…


Here Comes Spring
Here Comes Spring Bold, bright, and adventurous After Winter leaves, Spring is here  Bringing with her newborn animals, flowers, pollen(so much pollen!!), green grass AND  Lacross, softball, baseball, and more She preps our pale skin for the rays Summer will bring  Spring always leaves to quickly In her wake comes Summer Spring

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